Clontarf Parish, Church of St John the Baptist, Seafield Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3


Parents and guardians have a right to expect the highest standards for the protection and welfare of their children while they are participating in parish worship and activities.

The framework for child protection in the Church of Ireland is Safeguarding Trust (SGT). It is a detailed policy framework for the protection of children, and is the framework in place at St John the Baptist, Seafield Road, Clontarf.

In every parish, the Select Vestry is responsible for ensuring that the requirements of Safeguarding Trust are met, and that a panel of at least three people (one of whom is the Rector) is in place to implement it. Panel members must not be involved, in any way, with parish youth work.

By working in accordance with SGT policies and guidelines, both our children and those who work with them can be assured that best practice is followed to keep everyone safe. The policies apply to all children using our premises for worship as well as other activities such as Sunday Club, Parish sports clubs, Parish youth clubs, and any other Parish-based activity for children and/or young people.

Safeguarding Trust policy documentation includes guidance on:

  • General safety and management;
  • Recruitment, selection’ and management of parish workers, including volunteer workers;
  • Training of parish workers in SGT;
  • Codes of conduct for workers, children and young people;
  • Areas of responsibility;
  • Child protection reporting procedures;
  • Sharing information.

SGT has a dedicated website where all of the documentation can be found.

The SGT Panel

SGT provides for a panel of people who are responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented properly.

In St John the Baptist, Seafield Road, Clontarf, the members of the panel are:

  • Rev Lesley Robinson, Rector Tel: 087 9091561
  • Ciara Burns, Tel: 087 9263568
  • Colin Day, Tel: 087 2197007

Safeguarding Trust was first developed by the Church in 1997, and was adopted as part of its Constitution in 2006. It is updated as necessary when changes are made to national guidelines and legislation.