We have appointed a Consulting Engineer who is developing the designs and drawings of the heating and electrical layouts so we can go to tender. The work includes:
– Replacing all of the wiring in the church.
– Installing new lighting – we currently have 3 proposals underway.
– Replacing or upgrading the sound system as necessary to improve it over what we have today.
– Replacing the existing heating with a new gas-fired boiler and a fan convector heating system in the church.
– Installing a new ESB supply cable into the church, as well as electrical panels etc.

– We are going to restore all of the windows, including frames and broken glass panels and put new protective grills outside the stained glass windows.
– We are also looking at what work is needed on the stained glass windows (East and South) as the lead is in poor shape and the windows let water in.
– Irish Stained Glass has removed a cast iron window from the nave to its workshop. This is in order to establish the most effective means of restoring the window and reinstating its opening vent.

– The stonework in the church will be repaired where needed – for example the surface of the brickwork on the way to the toilets is damaged from damp.

– Various woodwork repairs, to doors etc., will be carried out.
– New units will be fitted to the vestry and south porch.
– The wood block flooring will be repaired.

– Repairs to top of the spire and cross will be done and the scaffolding and ladders will be gone !
– New lightening protection will be installed
– 3 tenders have been received and we are in the process of finalising this with a view to awarding the contract in the next few weeks
– We will have to put up hoarding around the spire so a section of the grounds will be blocked off

Other Items
– We are going to look at new pew cushions – we have one on loan from St John’s Church, Coolock on a trial basis.
– Protection of pews, other fixtures and fittings with polythene sheeting as was done during the roofing contract.
– We will need to make arrangements to remove any items of value to secure storage before work commences
– Planned start date is 2nd June 2015 and we aim to have all work completed by November.
– The church will have to be closed and we will use the centre during that time for Sunday services.