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Rector’s Address at 2018 Easter General Vestry

Address given at the 2018 General Vestry on 11th April

The annual Easter General Vestry Meeting is a good opportunity for me, as your Rector, to say a few words of reflection on the past year’s activities and to thank the many people who work together to make this parish what it is – a vibrant, lively, welcoming and inclusive place to worship God and to serve his people in his name.

Along with all the regular annual events which we run here, the past year saw the addition of an Ecumenical Conference, held on the feast day of the Birth of St. John the Baptist in June, to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Due to the success of this event and our ongoing commitment to furthering the cause of ecumenism, it is hoped to make this an annual event, with this year’s conference due to be held on 13th October.
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