Easing of restrictions means we can welcome more people to services in church

The recent roadmap for living with Covid announced recently by An Taoiseach now allows religious venues to use up to 50% of the venue’s capacity, subject to social distancing requirements.

For us, this means that the numbers allowed at services will no longer be capped at 50, as our comfortable capacity is 350; so up to 175 people could be allowed at a large service, e.g. a funeral.

It will also mean greater availability of pews as from now on every second pew can be used. We are blessed with a large church that allows plenty of scope to cater for our usual congregation while still maintaining a safe distance between people.

Rest assured that the safety of all who come to worship with us remains our number one priority, and so face masks must continue to be worn and hands must be sanitised on entry.

We look forward to safely welcoming more and more people back to in-person worship throughout the Autumn.

The Parish Centre will be reopening after the 20th September and so hopefully we can reintroduce refreshments after the services at that stage, subject again to all health & safety requirements.