Easter General Vestry Meeting – 8 p.m. on 24 April 2023

The General Vestry meeting is similar to an AGM, when those present will hear a review of the main happenings of the past twelve months, get a chance to hear and discuss plans for the future, and be presented with the parish accounts for year ended 31 December 2022.

The meeting will also elect members to the Select Vestry (the management committee of the Parish); People’s Church Warden (assists on Sunday mornings and other events) and Glebe’s Warden ( responsible for upkeep of Rectory & church grounds).

The Rector will announce her choice for the appointments of Rector’s Church Warden and Rector’s Glebe’s Warden.

As this is a triennial election year, we will also have to elect people to represent the parish at the next three Diocesan Synods and people to serve as Parochial Nominators (members of the committee which would be charged with the appointment of a new rector in case of a vacancy).

While only those on the official parish general register are entitled to vote (should a vote arise), everyone is welcome to attend and speak.

We hope to see a many families represented as possible, so whether you are new to the parish or a seasoned veteran; whether you are a regular worshipper or an occasional attender; whether you are very involved already or happy on the periphery, your presence is eagerly desired and will be greatly appreciated.

Coming along to the meeting does not mean you will be given a job or commit you to a deeper level of involvement than is comfortable for you! But please show your interest and a sense of ownership of our wonderful parish by coming along. It is anticipated that the meeting will last approximately an hour.